What areas do you service?

My area of coverage includes all of the Hudson Valley Region, New York City, parts of Connecticut and New Jersey bordering New York State. I serve up to a 100 mile radius from Westchester, NY.

How long have you been doing this?

I've have been a full-time photographer for the past 16 years. My longevity is the sign of commitment and expertise.

How many photos do we get?

My 'Basic Rate' provides up to 25 photos. The 'Advance Rate' is calculated on a per photo basis. It allows to choose as many photos are needed and is only limited by the amount of photos a provide for proofing.

How do we get our photos?

24 hours after the photo shoot, you will receive a gallery link to view, share, assign favorites and make selections for your purchase. after a purchase is complete (major credit card required) an automated receipt with embedded links to download the photos will be sent to the registered email used upon checkout.

Do you retouch photos?

All photos include basic retouching at no extra cost. Basic retouching are limited to sky and grass replacement, blemish and object removal.

Whats your turn around time?

Turnaround time varies upon the project. For the basic and advance photo shoots the turn around time is next day (24 hours). More complex projects (i.e. full motion video) turn around times are up to 5 business days.

How do we book you?

The easiest way to book me is to simply give me a call or text me to start an inquiry at: (914) 391.6694. You can also fill out the form on my 'contact page' or email me ( But picking up the phone is still the fastest and easiest way.

Can you help us with planning?

Absolutely! There are some projects that may require a little more attention to detail than others. So I can be scheduled to simply make a initial walk-through to recommend some preparations to be taken before the day of the shoot.

How far out do you book?

Generally, there are no limitations. I have had clients book me 1-2 months before the day of the shoot. But, typically this doesn't happen. Most appointments are booked within a couple of days or the following week. I do ask for at least one week lead time to properly schedule an appointment that corresponds to the optimal weather and lighting conditions.

How Should we Prepare?

The best photos are produced when a property has been made photo ready.
A photo ready home has been freshly cleaned and decluttered this means at minimum floors, carpets and wall stains removed and dishes, tchotchkes and magnets on the fridge removed are best stored away.

What is Your Fee?

Click the 'Info' link below and choose 'Services' to learn about rates for the Realtors.
My rates for builders, renovators, architects and interior designers start at $150 per chosen photo depending on size and scope of the project. Please call for a quote.

Can I Give My clients photos for keep sakes?

Yes you can. Upon purchasing photos relating to the sale of a specific property you have the authorization to gift photos to the client who's home you have listed. There is however a strict limitation that forbids photos being made available to any builder, renovator, architect, interior designer with the intended use to solicit business by means of web and print advertising or display. All inquiry of such are to be directed to me for obtaining separate usage rights.

Do you delete photos?

For the past 16 years all my photo files have been archived with the exception of late 2010 when I lost files do to a flood. I don't delete any files.

Do you resell photos

No. Due to customer feedback and recent MLS licensing requirements I do not resell photos.

Can I hire you to take community photos as stock images for my own use?

Yes. I am available to take community photos of landmarks in your service area or regions. These photos are billed at $125 per chosen image. I recommend speaking to your office manager to cover the cost if you don't mind sharing the images amongst your fellow office agents.

Why do photos on your site look much better than on the MLS system and other Real Estate sites?

Great observation! Simply put, my website is fine tuned to display high quality photos without relying on heavy compression applied to photos for fast loading time. The results are unfortunately heavy loss of quality. You can mitigate this by directly loading photos to the various site instead of letting the images propagate from MLS to other sites (i.e.

What other services do you provide?

As a photographer my services are constantly adapting to meet the changing needs of my clients. Therefore, I also provide Full HD Motion videos, Drone Aerials, Matterport 3d Tours and Portraits.
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Contact Me

Direct: 914.391.6694


Available for hire in the Hudson Valley region, Connecticut, New York City and New Jersey.